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For older children

We are approximately 15 minutes from the beach. Besides, we will have the right horse for everybody. Be it a Shetty, a bigger pony or the Icelandic horse. First, all rides will be defined by experience so that everybody will enjoy and learn. We expect from the experienced rider that they will saddle the horse themselves as well as that they feel safe in slow pace, trot and gallop. The tölt we will explained throughout the course.
1.5 hrs ride33,-€ DKr 240,-
2.5 hrsride45,-€ DKr 325,-
Extended rides only on request and with a minimum of 5 participants
Safety first:

Your safety is paramount! We provide helmets- and on request a safety vest. In any case, it is necessary for the person planning to ride a horse to wear long trousers as to avoid sore spots. Additionally we recommend to wear robust shoes without Velcro®
For mother, father, and grandparents:

Our ponies might not be tall however, please be aware that we need to consider 2 legs only, horses do have 4! Please wear robust shoes and most of all:
Riding and accompanying our ponies is at your own risk.

Kids, aged of 2-6 years play, brush, and ride

Small carrot
14,-€ DKr 105,-

Together, we will brush and saddle our horse. After your parents learn how to guide a pony you will take a walk with it on the beach. We will give you some carrots so that the horse will follow.
Duration: 50 minutes